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Za koga je to?

  • All organizations that are ready and open to investigate their employee engagement level.

Koliko ljudi?

Various groups within whole organizations

Koliko će to trajati?

1-2 weeks for tailoring the survey (optional) and planning execution 2-4 weeks for the running of the survey 2 weeks for analysing results, creating overall results and department-specific results (if requested) 2-4 hours for the Presentation and discussion of results

Iskustvo zaposlenika (employee experience)
  • Organizacijska dijagnostika

In cooperation with Momentor Research, DEVELOR created its own Employee Engagement Survey. A comprehensive measurement to explore the most important engagement factors and their performance within a company.

The complexity and sensitivity of the topic requires a very thorough, structured and flexible methodology that allows a customized approach. To meet these needs our questionnaire can be fully tailored to the customer’s specific needs and can be delivered in any local languages, both online and offline. The results of the survey are summed up in a report that offers relevant benchmarks to better understand the feedback and the areas that are marked to improve.

The results of such an employee engagement survey will provide a reliable and inspiring bases to start an improvement and development process that creates real impact and also supports all stakeholders to line up behind the changes.

Looking for help with Employee engagement survey ?

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