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    • Stav i način razmišljanja (mindset)
    • Vodstvo i Menadžment
    • Briga o kupcima (customer care), Prodaja i Pregovaranje
    • Osobna produktivnost & Komunikacija
    • Izgradnja tima & Suradnja
    • Procjena & Dijagnostika
    • HR savjetovanje & Coaching
    • Sve usluge
    Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

    VUCA Mindset – Oblak dima nad Evropom

    Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

    Adaptivni Leadership – Misija na Mars

    Trening u učionici

    Growth mindset

    Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

    Onboarding games

    Trening u učionici

    Work-Life balans

    Trening u učionici

    Tehnike intervjua

    Trening u učionici

    Otpornost (elastičnost)

    Organizacijska dijagnostika

    Happy At Work

    Organizacijska dijagnostika

    Employee engagement survey

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    Za koga je to?

    • Customer Service
    • Call Centers
    • Retail networks and Shared Service Centers

    Koliko ljudi?

    Various groups within whole organizations

    Koliko će to trajati?

    Highly varies by the project scope - 2-24 months

    Prodaja i CX
    • Savjetovanje

    DEVELOR improves human & organizational & process aspects of Customer Experience. We concentrate on the human touch – the emotional impact of personal interactions with customers. Based on DEVELOR’s International Customer Experience Survey, corporate decision makers reported 21% total income loss where they fail to provide positive, brand consistent CX. There is a huge amount at stake.

    The greatest potential for improvement of customer experience is in increasing the commitment of staff to customer experience and its better integration into the corporate culture. Until the topic has not become part of the ‘vernacular’ of the organization, it is impossible to provide lasting and outstanding customer experience to the clients.

    In most cases the sales and customer service related processes are being documented from operational point of view. What they usually miss is concrete behavior elements that are necessary for providing excellent and unified service. If related standards are not set in a detailed manner and trained in a practical way, front office staff isn’t able to understand them clearly and execute them properly.

    To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace. Only engaged employees make customers your advocates. Recent research proves that high level of employee engagement are associated with client loyalty and higher rates of profitability growth.

    Customer experience development

    Development of customer-centric capability cannot happen in isolation to the rest of the business. Transformation needs to be based on building strong foundations which are shaped by strategy and leadership, people and culture, data management and technology. Customer-centric focus is then operationalized through daily customer experience management, measurement and agile processes.

    The alignment is required through the whole transformational process. It requires that each action in the organization has customer focus. It can be achieved through a specific leadership model (aka Governance Model) that defines set of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines and drivers that have direct impact on excellent customer experience.

    DEVELOR as CX expert supports its clients on the whole customer journey by providing expertise and execution capacity. We co-create solutions with our customers and get them implemented at all touchpoints with human interactions. We also help implement customer experience management through people with the right mindset and the proper behavior, improved and unified leadership at all levels, and more efficient people related processes. Our consultants gathered vast experience of delivering CX projects with high customer satisfaction and with measurable business KPI growth in the whole EMEA region.

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