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    Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

    VUCA Mindset – Oblak dima nad Evropom

    Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

    Adaptivni Leadership – Misija na Mars

    Trening u učionici

    Growth mindset

    Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

    Onboarding games

    Trening u učionici

    Work-Life balans

    Trening u učionici

    Tehnike intervjua

    Trening u učionici

    Otpornost (elastičnost)

    Organizacijska dijagnostika

    Happy At Work

    Organizacijska dijagnostika

    Employee engagement survey

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    Za koga je to?

    Koliko ljudi?

    Various groups within whole organizations

    Koliko će to trajati?

    Employee Journey Mapping is a structured process of visual description of the entire employee experience across all phases between the candidate or employee and the organization. The Journey is the complete lifecycle view of experiences that an employee/candidate goes through from awareness of dissatisfaction with the current job until leaving the new company.

    Our way of Employee Journey Mapping focuses on the experience that the candidate/employee would like to receive from the organization and what the organization wants to provide to the – potential and existing – employee.

    With the help of the journey we can easily assess and improve the current operation from an employee lifecycle perspective. During the project we answer the question „Are our people-related processes and practices attractive and engaging?”

    The first phase is focusing on the assessment of the “as is” state with an honest and straightforward evaluation of employee experience. Here we follow the 4-4 phases of the candidate and the employee journey. The second phase is the creation of “to be” state, with all quick wins and strategic projects to be delivered to provide an immersive employee experience.

    Just like in every consulting project the implementation makes the real difference. We can create great ideas for the drawer or make our employee value proposition an exceptional reality for everyone who works or will work for our organization.


    • 4-6 weeks for Journey Mapping (if Employee Personas and Employee Value Proposition are available)
    • 8-12 weeks for Journey Mapping (if no previous Employer Branding project happened)
    • 3-6 months for Implementation support (optional)

    We work LEAN, no day spent on useless activities. The entire project takes 3-10 days of workshops with the involvement of the representatives of the company.

    We have a standardized, tried and tested Employee Journey Mapping process that we always fully tailor to the certain company specifics.

    We have an internal and external focus, the EJM drives not only the recruitment activities (attracting talents), but also the retention and engagement of existing staff. We save you costs and increase efficiency of recruitment marketing. We are able to re-use the results of the project in other company units or extend the project scope to other locations and countries.

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