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Za koga je to?

  • Project team
  • HR (recruitment, L&D) and communication department
  • Other contributors from the organization can be involved

Koliko ljudi?

Various groups within whole organizations

Koliko će to trajati?

6 - 12 weeks

Onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture, as well as getting a new hire the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the team. What it makes a real challenge is that we should prepare the person for the job in an efficient way just as her engagement must be maintained or improved at the same time. On top if that in the current circumstances and with remote workers the whole or large part of the process has to be done online.

The process starts with an assessment of the current practice, including roles and responsibilities, materials and training documentation, systems to be used, starting packages and special presents. The assessment phase can be comprehensive or just a one-week mini-diagnosis. The impressions of recent hires serve with important insights about corporate values to build on and gaps to overcome.

Employee Onboarding development

During the design and development phase the entire process can be revised, timeline and related activities changed and training materials updated, facelifted and restructured. We provide concrete suggestions for each phase, e.g. Day 1, Week 1,…

We don’t let you alone with the implementation of suggestions but closely support the process. It includes the training of direct superiors, the internal trainers and other responsible experts like, recruitment, IT, compliance experts. The quality of implementation is suggested to be measured with a pre-set dashboard to identify possible further gaps to be addressed.

Employee Journey Mapping method is used to have a structured approach and thus a comprehensive view. Our focus is not only on the probation period but also the time since the official offer made by the company. We facilitate the process as well as contribute to the idea creation with benchmarks, case studies and best practices. Our vast training&development expertise enable us to assess the onboarding training program and come up with hands-on suggestions even train the people who participate in the process to reach higher involvement and impact.

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