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Za koga je to?

  • New recruits of the company

Koliko ljudi?

3-5 people/team

Koliko će to trajati?

90 min/team

Iskustvo zaposlenika (employee experience)
  • Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

We see that the quality and quantity of information transfer greatly influences the new colleague’s engagement in the short term. Therefore DEVELOR offers a unified, game-based process for the onboarding of new employees.

The optimization of the onboarding process is achieved through the usage of a modern tablet-game technology. A special educational game programmed on tablets includes different tasks and activities that need to be completed around the company premises with the involvement of fellow newcomers, colleagues or objects aroung them. It combines digital elements with the mechanics of a traditional escape game.

Employee Onboarding games

The aim of the game is to get participants to know the business environment in which the organization operates. The activities of the player team are based on the history, values, safety and other selected aspects that every new employee must learn.

An exciting, fun-to-play and technology-supported integration program allows newcomers to have a better understanding of the company, their work, and their colleagues and gain a highly positive and memorable first experience.

Through a collaborative partner, DEVELOR has all the technology, equipment and experts to develop a fully customized, game-based onboarding program for your company.

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