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    Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

    VUCA Mindset – Oblak dima nad Evropom

    Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

    Adaptivni Leadership – Misija na Mars

    Trening u učionici

    Growth mindset

    Trening zasnovan na igrama (game-based)

    Onboarding games

    Trening u učionici

    Work-Life balans

    Trening u učionici

    Tehnike intervjua

    Trening u učionici

    Otpornost (elastičnost)

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    Maximize potential and engagement

    Training your talented colleagues is important, but not enough in itself to succeed. Our
    targeted solutions comprise the selection, retention and development services for
    different groups of Young Talents, High Potentials and Key Employees, to maximize their
    potential and keep them satisfied and loyal.

    In our experience, the elements of change management are critical to the success of any
    talent program.

    This is why we also put high emphasis on expectation
    management, internal communication, coaching &
    mentoring and continuous tracking of individual

    Insight 1

    Talent Management Program

    Our Talent Management Program is aimed to identify those
    employees, or potential employees who may play a critical
    role in the achievement of the strategic business plan.

    After the conscious selection of the company’s talent pool,
    we review and measure the defined knowledge and skills
    of talents in order to elaborate a fully tailored development
    plan for them.

    This customized development path provides the talents
    with the opportunity to grow and develop their professional

    We continuously measure their progress and align it with
    the company’s business needs, ensuring strong growth
    potential for both individuals and the company.

    Insight 2

    Key Employee Retention Program

    DEVELOR’s Key Employee Retention Program is a long-
    term solution with immediate effect on key people. It
    includes a thorough process that incorporates all
    necessary planning, execution, alignment and follow-up
    activities to establish and sustain this system in the long

    This carefully planned and implemented process enables
    the organization to maintain and reinforce the competitive
    edge they have through their key employees.

    Additionally, to increase the motivation and engagement
    level of these colleagues, to adequately manage
    knowledge transfer and to put succession plans in place
    for any eventual situation, thereby also reducing the
    business risk posed by the departure of a key person.

    Insight 3

    Strategic Job Families project

    The goal of a Strategic Job Families project is to put
    emphasis on job categories that are strategically important
    for the company.

    The project is a one time, but determinative intervention. Its
    objective is to clearly define those positions, which play
    key importance in reaching strategic goals or in optimizing
    the execution process after the strategy is defined.

    The project includes the entire process from the
    identification of strategic jobs, through the definition of the
    attributes of these jobs, to the assessment, development
    or replacement plans of colleagues working in those jobs.

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